Donating to St Thomas' church

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We rely on the generous giving of time, skills and money by individiuals to enable us to continue our ministry in The Groves and beyond.

In addition to all our regular running costs, our giving to the diocese and support for mission partners around the world, we are raising funds to carry out our Build a Haven Project.

Donate via Just Giving

If you would like to donate money you can use one of the following methods:

  • click on the Just Giving button above - ideal for one off giving

  • set up a monthly standing order by requesting a form from our welcomers on the way into church or by email from our treasurer, Ross Watson -

  • we have a contactless card reader and collection plate at church each Sunday in the front entrance for card payments, cash or cheques

We ask everyone who is a UK taxpayer and gives to our church in any way to please complete a Gift Aid form, as every £1 you give will become £1.25 courtesy of the government and at no additional cost to you. Forms are available at church or by email from our treasurer.