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PCC Summary – April 29th 2019-05-03

Some of the key things discussed at PCC this week:

1 – We are setting up some sub-groups which will meet every other month and will report to the PCC. We hope will help us to grow and develop our various areas of ministry and outreach. If you would like to talk about being part of one of these groups, please do talk to Al or a member of the PCC. The groups will be:
Children and Youth
Prayer and Worship
Publicity and Communication

2 – We will have an event on Haxby Rd school field on Pentecost Sunday (June 9th), 12-3pm. This will start with a service, and be followed by BBQ, music, kids’ activities etc.

3 – We are considering a new evening meeting in partnership with Christ the Light church, who work alongside us with quite a lot of the people we know from the Encounter drop-in, and who currently run a group in church on Thursday evenings. If we go ahead with this, it would be a space primarily for worship and prayer, and with a focus on accessibility for those who might struggle to come into larger, more established morning services, though it would be open to all.

4 – We are very pleased that Erin Burbridge is applying to be a Reader.

5 – As several people moved on from St Thomas’ to go to new places, regular giving has dropped in 2019. There have been some new givers, and some increases in giving from existing members, for which we are very grateful. There have also been several large, one-off donations. However, we continue to pray for more regular giving to be sure of resourcing all we believe God wants us to do.